Parents Check List

Checklist: Choosing the Education Right Course

Do a research in advance on Malaysian education via websites or obtain information from institutions representatives in your home country. You will be amazed that there are many study options in Malaysia such as :

  • Types of institutions (ranging from Malaysian universities and higher education colleges, foreign university branch campuses, Open University, etc.)
  • Types of qualifications (ranging from Malaysian qualification to UK, Australia and US qualifications)
  • Various modes of study (ranging from 2+1 twinning degree, 3+0 franchised degree, external degree, transfer credits, distance learning, etc.) and
  • Type of course disciplines (ranging from healthcare, IT, engineering, business and many more).
  • Write in for a prospectus from the institutions you are considering or download from the website if available. This is so you will have a better understanding of course objectives course modules, subjects taught, assessment methods, entry requirement, English proficiency requirement, etc.
  • You need to choose a course which is relevant to the career you want to pursue and the qualification required by employers in your own country.
  • Other than the above, you may want to consider factors such as course fee, availability of learning facilities and international student support services, size and location of institution, living expenses, international mix of students in the institutions, academic and research facilities, etc.
  • Legality and Quality — it is important to check whether the institution you are applying to is approved by the relevant government authority (such as the Ministry of Higher Education) and if the course you have chosen has obtained the accreditation status from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) (
  • If you financing your own studies, check out the education cost for the entire duration to see if it fits your budget

Checklist: Where to Enroll?

For admission into private schools, private higher educational institutions or public universities as an international student, you can apply DIRECTLY to the educational institution of your choice.

The following websites are useful for obtaining more information:

Enrolling at a ‘Licensed’ Private Educational Institution

It is advisable that international students ascertain whether the institution of their choice has been ‘licensed’ and ‘approved’ before they enroll. To safeguard the interest of international students, all private schools, international schools, private colleges, private universities and foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia must obtain approvals from the relevant regulatory bodies of the Malaysian government. These include approvals for:

Enrolling at a Public University

Public universities offer postgraduate studies and limited places for bachelor’s degree programmes to international students. Funded by the government, these public universities are allowed to recruit international students for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate studies their courses are assured by MQA and the Immigration Department will issue a ‘Student Pass’ to every student enroll by these universities.