How To Apply

Steps in Applying to Study in Malaysia

As an international student, you can apply DIRECTLY to the educational institution of your choice. You are advised to apply only to institutions that have been given the approval by the relevant authorities to accept international students. You may use the following steps as a guide:

Know What You Want to Study and Where

Firstly, you must decide what full-time course you want to pursue in Malaysia. Consider your academic needs, career goals and your budget. Besides the field of study, you need to decide on the level and type of qualification you aspire to have as well as the course duration.

In your search for an institution, you need to determine if you have the relevant academic qualifications and English proficiency to pursue the course of your choice. You may also want to consult the official representative of your selected institution in your country or the Malaysian Education Promotion Centre overseas

Applying to Study at a Malaysian Institution

Applying to study at the Malaysian institution of your choice is simple. Just complete the relevant International Student Application Forms for your chosen course and return it to the institution of your choice with the following documents and fees:

  • Certified copies of all relevant examination results and academic certificates (preferably with copies translated in English if documents are in another language)
  • A completed accommodation form (if accommodation is required)
  • Photocopy of valid international passport – all pages
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Most recent passport sized color photograph (4 to 6 copies)
  • Personal medical health report
  • Application fees (ranging from US160 to US250, usually non-refundable)

You may obtain the application form online from the institution’s website or from the institution’s overseas representative in your country. You will be asked for evidence of your academic achievement and proficiency in English. Ideally, you should apply about two months before the intake date.

Getting an Offer from the Institution

Upon receiving your application, the institution will usually take 5 to 7 days to process your application. If you are accepted, the institution will issue an ‘Offer of Place’ letter and deliver/send this offer letter to you. This letter will confirm the full-time course details, commencement dates, and an invoice for the tuition fee, miscellaneous fees and accommodation fees. You then need to make arrangements for the payment of fees and you should request the institution to issue a receipt to you upon confirmation of payment

Application of Student Pass

The next step will be the application of a Student Pass. The institution will apply for an approval for a student pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia on your behalf. This will take from 7 to 14 days, provided all documents are in order. The institution will then proceed to notify the student regarding the status (approved or rejected) of the application for the student pass. With the receipt of the Immigration’s approval letter through the Institution, you can prepare for your journey to Malaysia. You do not need to apply for a separate visa to enter Malaysia.